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Expert lawyers in Los Angeles for federal crimes

If you were charged or are being investigated with a crime by a federal agency, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Mark A. Davis in Pasadena are here to help. We understand how confusing or intimidating these cases might feel. The Federal Government uses a variety of resources to investigate certain people, which in turn can help them build what seems to be a solid case against you. The Federal Government usually uses forces combined with law enforcement officers from federal, state, and local authorities. On average, federal crimes cross state lines, involve a federal agency, or involve the internet. They can also involve cases related to drug trafficking, bank robbery, and internet pornography. If you are facing federal charges, or are trying to avoid being charged, our defense federal attorneys are here for you. Do not try to face this alone, since federal agents may have already gathered months or years worth of evidence against you. Because they always get a head start on their case, it is crucial to obtain proper legal guidance and representation.

At the Law Offices of Mark A. Davis in Pasadena, we represent people — immigrants and non-immigrants — in the Los Angeles area and throughout Southern California courts. Defense lawyer Mark A. Davis has more than a decade of law experience. Along with his seasoned team of attorneys, he defends immigrants accused of California misdemeanor, felony or aggravated felony crimes involving federal cases and other crimes. If you have a federal case, you want someone who is familiar with the federal court and knows how to navigate through the arrest phase, filling pre-trial motions, and determining whether it's a good idea to accept a deal or go to trial. Don’t fight your charges alone! Contact one of our lawyers to help you. We understand the stakes involving federal matters, and we always aim to for the best possible results. Our team has considerable experience in handling and defending those facing first and second degree robbery charges. If you want an aggressive representation, from the arraignment and through the trial, call us today!

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