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Los Angeles lawyers for robbery cases

Robbery is defined as taking the property from another person without their consent and against their will by force or fear. Robbery is different than burglary in that robbery involves person to person confrontation, the threat of a weapon or force. California Penal Code Section 211 agrees that robbery is a serious and violent offense that is punishable by imprisonment. A robbery conviction relies on several different elements in order to be lessened or surpasses. These elements must be put into place by proper legal representation from one of our experienced lawyers. When one of our defense attorney handle a case they look at every possible angle in your favor.

In order to help fight a conviction, we will try to prove:

  • You are not the true person being convicted (mistaken identity)
  • You have been falsely accused of committing a crime
  • You did not use force or fear to take the person’s property
  • You thought you had legal right to take the property

At the Law Offices of Mark A. Davis we represent everyone — immigrants and non-immigrants — in the L.A. area and throughout Southern California courts. We may be able to negotiate lesser or different charges to prevent a robbery charge from making you ineligible for admission to the U.S. or keep you from losing your green card and being deported. Criminal defense lawyer Mark A. Davis has more than a decade of law experience. He defends immigrants accused of California misdemeanor, felony or aggravated felony crimes involving robberies and other crimes. Don’t fight your charges alone! Contact one of our lawyers to help you. We understand the stakes in a robbery case, and we always aim to for the best possible results. Our team has considerable experience in handling and defending those facing first and second degree robbery charges. If you want an aggressive representation, from the arraignment and through the trial, call us today!

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